Civic Leadership

Civic Leadership...

Term Four: 2011-2014

Chair, Economic Development Committee

·         championed the development of a summer food cart program in Rocky Point Park to supplement Summer Sunday Concert series

·         worked with Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam on establishment of a regional mobile business license program

·         undertook a survey of local businesses to understand their issues and concerns regarding retention and expansion

·         participated on the Evergreen Line Business Liaison Committee to ensure businesses were kept in the loop  on any and all potential impacts during construction


Chair, Land Use Committee

·         reviewed numerous applications for OCP amendments and Development Permit Variances


Chair, Heritage Commission

·         established new stone marker to recognize Chateau Place as first strata development in Canada

·         supported development of vinyl wraps, celebrating civic heritage, to be placed on electrical boxes throughout Moody Centre

·         worked in collaboration with the Centennial Committee on the development of a community Time Capsule containing artifacts and documents representing the City's first 100 years 


Chair, Parks and Recreation Commission

·         established a new Sports Memorabilia Display, Port Moody's own "Hall of Fame" to be unveiled in early 2015

·         undertook major recreation program and operations review focusing on cost analysis of individual facilities and programming

·         worked with staff on the development of a comprehensive field allocation policy  for the City's many field user


Vice-Chair, Centennial Celebration Committee

·         chaired the organizing committee that organized and produced the Commemorative Council Meeting which was a re-enactment of the City's first meeting of April 2013

·         chaired the committee that organized the City's Community Parades in 2013 and 2014

·         coordinated the creation of a  centennial Time Capsule to be opened in 25 years


Chair, Tourism Sub-Committee

·         responsible for coordination of a committee consisting of representation from Parks and Recreation Commission, Arts and Culture Committee and the Economic Development Committee

·         developing recommendations to Council on the development a new strategic Tourism Plan for implementation in 2015

Also participated as Vice-Chair of the Environmental Protection Committee, Transportation Committee and Arts and Culture Committee and served as member of the Finance Committee.

Term Three: 2008-2011


Chair, Environmental Protection Committee

·         facilitated review and recommendations for the development of City’s solid waste management plan (garbage, recycling, organic waste)

·         championed development of a worm-composting project to provide organic composting for those living in apartments and townhouses


Chair, Economic Development Commission

·         continued investigation and feasibility reviews of farmers market in Moody Centre and high-technology business park in the City

·         as representative to the Chamber of Commerce, ensured City profile at Chamber events and engagement in Chamber initiatives


Chair, Heritage Commission

·         established two new heritage stone markers recognizing Terry Fox and local war heroes

·         developed a financial tax incentive program for the renovation of heritage homes


Chair, Land Use Committee

·         facilitated a review of the committee Terms of Reference and procedures


Chair, Spirit of BC/Games Legacy Committee

·         facilitated committee’s recommendations for the City’s involvement with 2010 Winter Olympics and Paralympics and hosting of local events.

Brought forward the concept and championed the development of the City's Sustainability Plan, which focuses on Port Moody's four pillars of sustainability: financial, environmental, social and cultural.

Also participated as Member of the Finance Committee.


Term Two: 2005-2008

Chair, Community Care

·         supported recommendations in response to regional and national reports on Homelessness and Affordable Housing

·         initiated City involvement in the 10x10 program initiative which advocates for the hiring of people with disabilities


Chair, Economic, Tourism and Arts Development Committee

·         developed quarterly Economic Roundtables bringing together community stakeholders to discuss community initiatives


Chair, Fire Department Advisory Committee

·         continued focus on implementation of the Fire Department Master Plan


Chair, Land Use Committee

·         reviewed numerous applications for OCP amendments and Development Permit Varian


Chair, Parks and Recreation Commission

·         reviewed and supported Westhill Park upgrading

·         reviewed and monitored progress on the redevelopment of the Port Moody Recreation Center

·         supported creation of Chip Kerr Park in Moody Center


Council Representative, Library Board

·         received Council approval for a Project Concept Statement for a new public Library Building


Also participated as Vice-Chair and/or Member of Finance Committee, Land Use Committee, Environmental Protection Committee


Term One: 1999-2002


Chair, Economic Development Committee

·         facilitated development of business marketing campaign "Bring Your Business Home"

·         spearheaded the 1st Annual City Business Recognition Event, which led to creation of Spike Awards


Chair, Parks and Recreation Committee

·         supported development of new recreation facilities including the Old Mill Boathouse, and Aspenwood Community Centre


Chair, Youth Justice and Family Court Committee

·         initiated updating/reprinting of Little Black Book, a resource guide for tri-city middle and secondary school students


Chair, Environmental Protection Committee

·         chaired task force that provided recommendations which Council approved for implementation of education program and phased-in bylaw for cosmetic pesticide use


Chair, Heritage Commission

·         established formal City Heritage Register for heritage buildings and homes

·         established Ioco Town Site as a Heritage Conservation Area


Chair, Mayors Task Force on Secondary Suites

·         recommended, and received Council approval, for implementation of City regulation program for secondary suites


Also participated as a Vice-Chair and/or Member of  Finance Committee, Land Use Committee, Youth Focus Committee, Traffic Safety Committee



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